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Over 1,000 Books Published
Peter Lopez
Peter Lopez is the consummate professional -- a man who works tirelessly to benefit his authors and writers. He knows what it takes to achieve success in the world of publishing and will help you craft your manuscript and get it into the right hands. He's also an all-around good guy and you will enjoy working with him.

- David Wimbish

As a first time author, it was such a relief to have Peter on my team during the publishing process. Peter was as dedicated to my project as I was. He quickly addressed my concerns, gave me great feedback and advice, and was incredibly encouraging to say the least. Thanks Peter.

- Maria Ayne
How White Label Books Helps You Increase 
Your Revenue
We help businesses increase revenue by adding a publishing arm to their services.

We do this through the following activities:
• Book launch implementation
• Bestseller placement
• Adding revenue potential to your biz
• Scaling your business
• Handle all your clients for you
• Design a custom publishing imprint
• Set up a custom publishing company 
• Business growth training 

700+ bestselling authors created
Tyler Wagner
Success Stories From Happy Clients
Jolie Dawn
"Became a bestseller in front of "The Alchemist" and grew her business to 6-figures!"
Jason Treu
"Over 40,000 copies sold + featured on more than 500 TV, podcast, and radio shows!"
Courtney Costello
"Tyler Wagner is the absolute BEST hands down. He will help
bring your book and dreams to life beyond your imagination. He
is awesome to work with and you will feel inspired just by meeting
Jasper Ribbers
"Tyler completely laid out a plan for our launch with all the steps
that we had to take in order to be a #1 Amazon Bestseller. We
could have never achieved this result without Tyler’s help. If you’re looking to launch your book, I really recommend his program. He’ll
teach you everything you need to know to have a really successful launch."
Christina J. Gheorghies
"If you ever wanted to publish a book or have been thinking
of writing one THIS is your man, Tyler Wagner, is not only a
PRO to launch you and your book but also he can take you step
by step. Whatever you need, he can work with you. His high level
of integrity has left me in awe. There is no one to compare him to."

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